Sonic Body Boom - Dance-Music Interrelation Improvisation-Systems             

A performance with numerous dancers and live music, moving and playing in a structured relationship.

During the Champions League event at Mica Moca - Berlin on May 28th 2011, Henrik Kaalund, Kostia Rapoport and seven dancers made a contribution with a system for structured interrelation between improvised music and image-based improvised movement. Various sounds induced specific movement-modes, enabling the makers to create semi-predictable structures and shapes through the dancers, a kind of instant-choreography. At the occasion, the dancers were taught the principles of the system within two hours and shortly after performed it in front of the audience. Here is what it looked like:

Dancers: Maíra Santos, Signe Kofoed, Zen Jefferson, Keya Richter, Stella Zannou, Eleftherios Vavoulas, Borbála Szente

This inspired the wish to further develop the concept, which happened during the work-week 5th-10th of September 2011 at Mica Moca, where various further aspects of the idea and other sound-movement concepts were investigated, culminating in a presentation of Sonic Body Boom there on September 11th, 2011 at 21:30, a performance of 1 hour duration. Here is a trailer of the results:

Dancers: see below                         Download trailer (save link as...)

Henrik Kaalund and Kostia Rapoport had previously both worked on methods for organizing and structuring spontaneous improvisation and improvised material. Mica Moca became the place where these two worlds of ideas were fused, first in May and then in September. A big thanks to the folks at Mica Moca for giving us this opportunity. Thanks also to Sophiensäle for lending us a dance-carpet.

On September 16th and 17th, 2011 a version with 6 dancers was performed at the Gallery Savvy - Berlin. On October 1st 2011 at 20:30, a similar version will be performed there. An information leaflet from Savvy can be found here.



Henrik Kaalund - Idea/concept, movement elements, project director -
is freelance choreographer and dancer. He danced for and toured with Conny Janssen Danst; Jan Pusch; Felix Landerer; Ruiter/Villanueva and others. He choreographed for many occasions and won several prizes for his choreography and dancing; in Hannover; Leipzig; Burgos and elsewhere.
He had previously been trained and worked as a classical ballet dancer in various companies, always grabbing chances for creative choreographic work, while gradually turning almost intirely towards it.


Kostia Rapoport - Concept associate, music director, musician -
born in leningrad in 1984. visited school in aachen. took advantage of conservatories in hanover, beijing and paris. composes and produces digital-minded music for media, rooms and musicians. improvises noise-oriented music. is influenced by pop music. is in love with silence and briefness. collects and plays toy instruments. is fascinated by digital communication and language.

Dancers, who contributed with task-based choreographic material and much dedication to any strange idea:


Alicja Hoppel - born in Poland, where she graduated from National Ballet School in Poznan. In 2009, she moved to UK to study at Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds. As part of her studies, she worked with various teachers and choreographers such as Andile Sotiya, Tiia Ourila, Jennifer Lynn-Crawford, Riccardo Meneghini, Gary Clark and others. Took part in Solo&Duo Dance Festival in Budapest and I Bronislava Nijinska Choreography Competition in Warsaw.


Kaisa Kukkonen is a Berlin-based dancer who graduated from vocational contemporary dance education Movement Research College Outokumpu 2010. She has studied contact improvisation, improvisation and release techniques with many teachers in Seattle, New York, Berlin, Barcelona and Helsinki. She is a creative dance instructor who works and studies mainly with contact improvisation, improvisation performances and music. She organizes a dance festival in Finland. 


Tanja Kortelainen was educated as professional contemporary dancer at Movement research Outokumpu, Finland in 2007.
Tanja has more than 5 years of dance, theater, stage and TV experience in different dance and theater companies, among others Västanå Theater in Sweden (2008-2009), Kompani Nomad, Dance company in Sweden (2008-2010) and as a program host at the Swedish Television (2008-2010).


Eleftherios Vavoulas studied at State School Of Art And Dance in Greece(ksot) 2006-2008. Cinema 2002: `the cry came out from paradise :[repppa]- [papathanasioy]dance company amalgama : (“mama 2 u”) choreography m.gorgia. Opening of the athletic championship in berlin : choreography michael klich. Yannis adoniou’s knust-stoff : (workshop for his play ‘’raks al moza’’ at dock11). Unterwegstheater :( ''art-ort 09'') choreography Jai Gonzales. Dande company amalgama :(''mon valmont'') choreography m.gorgia.


Raisa Kröger, received her education in Berlin (balance1) and finished a further education in choreography  (Tanzfabrik Berlin). As a dancer she worked for Friederike Plafki, Isabelle Schad, Martin Stiefermann, Ilona Pászthy, Jo Fabian, the wee dance company and presented her own choreographic works in Dortmund, Berlin, Zürich, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. Apart from her work as a dancer, choreographer and teacher she studies 'cultural science' at the FernUniversität Hagen.


Stella Zannou has studied dance and choreography in London College of Dance, London Studio Centre, the American college of Greece (BA) and at the Greek State School of Dance.
In 2006 she founded “Smack Dance Company”, in Athens, with which she is being presenting her own choreographic works in theatres and festivals throughout Europe. At the same time she works as a freelance dancer and teacher.

Roxana Roxana Valdez is a contemporary dancer graduate from National Classic and Contemporary Dance School, at the Arts National Center, Mexico.Several artists influenced her through workshops, residences and colla-borations: Dominique Merci, Joseph Nadj, David Zambrano, Elena Fokina, Laura Aris, German Jauregui, Iñaqui Azpillaga, Henrique Rodovalhio, Linda Kapetanea, Jocef Frucek, Peter Jasko y Emio Greco. Golden Medal w. Special Congratulations as best contemporary dancer at International Dance Contest “Attitude”, (Mexico, 2007).
Brandon Brandon Shaw is a native of Birmingham, Alabama (USA) who has lived other places whilst fleeing Employment. Examine his neural pathways and fascial trains and you’ll find traces of tai chi chuan, tango Argentino, and Kyokushin karate intertwined with contemporary dance, Contact Improv, Argentine tango, and—if you look really hard—ballet. Brandon has danced and had his choreography performed in the U.S. and Berlin. 

Johanne Timm was trained at the Hamburg Ballet School John Neumeier, after which she worked as a dancer at Mainfranken-Theater Würzburg and at Städtischen Bühnen Chemnitz. She freelances since 2006 and performed her solo-projects „Kosmos im Pool“, „Lied auf allen Straßen“, „POOLOVUM“ in Berlin, Hamburg, Braunschweig, Chemnitz, Manchester, London and Moskau. Since October 2010 she studies Choreography for her master degree at HTZ University Berlin.

Jakob Jakob Kosuke Maché has been trained and influenced by Amos Hetz, Adalisa Men, Jörg Hassmann, Daniel Werner, Minako Seki, Yuko Kaseki, Masaki Iwana, Ken Mai, Imre Thormann and most notably Julia Thomas. Recent collaborations with Michael Schmacké and Lynda Ait Amer.
Barbara Topi Barbara Berti - Bologna, Italy. Gratuated in advertising graphics, photo and illustration from “Salesiani – Beata vergine di S. Luca”. Barbara Berti attends “Academy Opus Ballet” (Fi). Follows the formation in “techniques of movement and improvisation” in school of theatre "Galante Garrone". (Bologna) and studies diction in the same school. Practicing contact improvisation and composition. Selected to if inteatro festival academy (2009) - choreography and composition. Currently living in Berlin, working in dance and video
Paulina Paulina Swiecanska is a graduate of Zielonagóra Universtity in the rhythmics department- Cultural Animation, instructor of Contemporary Dance. A graduate of The Warsaw School of Social Sciences and R. Laban Kinetography from the Chorelogy Institute in Poznań. Post-graduate in cultural management - Warsaw University. Participation in festivals, Germany, Israel, Portugal, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Brazil, +others.. Created numerous choreographies. Initiated and organized the Contact Improv Festival 2010 in Warsaw.
Brigitte Brigitte Kießling studied dramatics and philosophy in Leipzig, before she, whilst in San Francisco, decided to fully dedicate herself to dance. For this the came to Berlin, which is her home since then. She teaches dance-acrobatics, contact -impro and improvisation.
Instant composition and also regular self-produced performances happens in collaboration with various artists and dancers.

Karolina Kraczkowska began her work as a contemporary performing artist in Polish Dance Theatre, after which she continued her research at Laban Postgraduate Company Transitions, collaborating with Lost Dog, Allison Brown and Rosemary Butcher and others. Freelanced in London, launching further collaborations with Jasmin Vardimon Company, Fin Walker, Athina Vahla and Yong Ming Cho. Currently collaborating with the Israeli company Or & Oran Dance Company and with the Danish choreographer Kristine Kyhl Andersen.


Katja Richter studied choreography at the Ernst Busch University and works as stuntwoman and choreographer. She assisted Ismael Ivo in 2006 and won a scholarship to Darlington College of Art in 2007, where she worked with the installation-artist Melanie Thomson und the Contact- und Improvisations- master-craftswoman Kirsten Simpson. Choreographic works were created for Hebbel am Ufer, Gripstheater, Berliner Festspielhaus and Tacheles. She worked as Stuntwoman in movies by Tom Tykwer, the Wachowski-brothers, Paul Anderson, Wolfgang Becker and others. She teaches choreographic craft in international workshops.

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